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April 22, 2024

#052 Techtronic Sound

Techtronic Sound Concert Series – Arron Simpson Arron Simpson is spinning it up here with a great D&B mix. Here the notes for the show: 01…

April 18, 2024

#051 Techtronic Sound

Hope everyone had a great week!  Here is some great Trance music to take out all the pains of the week.  Show Down is coming to…

April 15, 2024

#050 Techtronic Sound

We’ve got DJ-Sted E spinning it up here on the show.  Here’s the show notes: 1. Go Insane Intro 2. Electro / The Cube Guys Delano…

Started in 2005

Techtronic Sound

Since 2005, Techtronic Sound has filled the internet with the best independent music, and is committed after 18 years to continue on.

Show Updates

Welcome Back

In keeping you all updated, I'm uploading two episodes a week and cleaning up the notes. I'll continue through the 100 series. I have completed the 100-20 and I'm excited to finally get this closed.

Episodes 101 - 104 are also completed, and working on 105. I'm looking at releasing these as seasons with 19 episodes with a best of for the 20th.