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December 23, 2023

#035 Techtronic Sound

It’s great to be back!  We’ve hit an all time high of listeners on Techtronic Sound with 12,000+ listeners. Thank you to all for your support…

December 18, 2023

#034 Techtronic Sound

Techtronic Sound Concert Series – DJ Astral SoniK Welcome to another Techtronic Sound Concert Series! We’ve got DJ Astral SoniK in the house with some sweet…

December 11, 2023

#033 Techtronic Sound

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled program. Hope everyone enjoyed the Best of shows and enjoy this new lineup of sweet artists: Jay Sustained – “Closer…

Started in 2005

Techtronic Sound

Since 2005, Techtronic Sound has filled the internet with the best independent music, and is committed after 18 years to continue on.

Show Updates

Welcome Back

In keeping you all updated, I'm uploading two episodes a week and cleaning up the notes. I'll continue through the 100 series. I have completed the 100-20 and I'm excited to finally get this closed.

Episodes 101 - 104 are also completed, and working on 105. I'm looking at releasing these as seasons with 19 episodes with a best of for the 20th.